CarefreePay ensures carefree buying / selling 

of your valued possessions and services

  • Regulated by Scheduled Commercial Bank

  • CarefreePay Trust Account protection 

  • Complies with Payment and Settlement System Act 

  • Complies with Data Protection Act

  • KYC enabled transactions

  • Escrow Global LLC indemnity protection

As a US backed Escrow and Financial Fiduciary, we are committed to ensuring maximum security of transactions


International Trade



Annual Maintenance

Service Contracts

Real Estate

Product Purchases

Manufacturing Sector

Apartment Rentals


Buyer & Seller Agree on Price

Buyer deposits money with CarefreePay

Seller delivers goods/services

Buyer/Seller informs CarefreePay

CarefreePay pays seller

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Why Trust CarefreePay

Safe . Reliable . Digital 


CarefreePay is a neutral third party trusted platform to transact & facilitate buying & selling through digital escrow account

Protects Buyers and Sellers as they deal through Escrow Account

Deposit Amount Insured in Government & RBI Complied Banks

Escrow Account is protected & ensured by US Escrow Global LLC

Complete Mediation, Arbitration & Contingency Support

Unbiased Platform Creating Win-Win For All

PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH Compliant & ISO Certified Data Centres


With the best practices & support of US Escrow Company and leading Indian National banks, we provide seamless escrow services for carefree transactions

Backed & Invested by US Ventures - Escrow Global & Pacific Point Realtors

Processed Transactions Worth over $50 million 

Powered & Supported by Leading Indian Banks

I am 30 years old and was looking for a house in Delhi for my family for a year but could not gather courage to deposit earnest amount with any of the sellers without security because I had a fear of losing my hard earned money. My dream of buying the house could have been completed only because of Escrow Bharat safe support. I am really thankful to them.

Ankush & Sakshi, Delhi  

Buyer - Real Estate

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Open an escrow account digitally with ease & comfort, anywhere & anytime. Now, you can easily avail escrow services & manage your transactions at your own pace

Standardized Agreements with your Custom Deal Terms

Zero Paperwork - Completely Digital Escrow Account

Dedicated Online Support from leading escrow company

Contractual Milestone Escrow Payments

100% Digital Bank Transfers 

Just For You


Safe Deposit in scheduled commercial bank regulated by RBI

No fear of cheats and frauds

Deal with KYC verified clients & customers

Safe deposit in case seller defaults

Easy to open & manage digital escrow account

Inbuilt contingency options with back-out period

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We understand our customers and love to help them in every possible manner!

About Escrow Bharat

What is CarefreePay?

CarefreePay is an initiative by a successful US Venture whereby it provides a digital platform to the buyers, sellers and brokers for safe transactions safeguarding the interests of all.

How the agreement is signed?

Once the seller and buyer mutually agree to all terms in the purchase agreement, then the document is signed either digitally or offline as per the convenience of both parties. Our purchase agreement is standardized and simpler which can be easily understood yet captures all deal terms.

How to cancel the ongoing deal?

We respect your decision and If you think you can not carry on the deal due to some inevitable reasons or willfully, please reach out to our team as soon as possible. After verifying your reason, your account will be settled depending upon the pre decided and mutually agreed escrow instructions.

I am not able to invite my counterparty?

If your account is not verified, then you will not be able to start your transaction. To get started, please upload your KYC documents. Also, if your counterparty is blacklisted from our platform then we will not be able to start your transaction with that particular party. Providing safety to our customers is our first and foremost priority.

Do I need to pay any fees to start using CarefreePay’s services?

CarefreePay charges very nominal fees to start and maintain your digital escrow account which makes sure your deposit is safe till successful deal closure.

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